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Voice of Men
Since Edison’s first began recording the male voice back in 1877, the annals of male vocal groups are littered with talent, ambition and sordid exploitation.
Fath, Lutfi, Faiz, Arif, Yus and Akem make up the group Voice of Men. Voice of Men began life in 2009 and are a Malaysian close harmony group who foster their art via their own record label Vmen Resources. They fall neatly into the first two above categories – a demonstration of talent and ambition. They are defiant of sordid exploitation.
The group possess an obvious natural chemistry and their musical harmonies, equally naturally, follow. This, perhaps, reflects their avowed and sincere Islamic faith. A faith, it’s easy to forget in these gruesome and turbulent times, that focuses most of its honest energies on charity and peaceful brotherhood.
In this context their first hit was a collaboration with MrAllIsShared – a parody of One Direction’s hit What Makes You Beautiful – Hijab Makes you Beautiful. The video, featuring MrAllShared miming to Voice of Men’s song, quickly became a YouTube viral hit.
In 2013 Voice of Men entered into Akademi Nasyid (a highly successful Malaysian TV talent competition) and found themselves in the top 20 finalists. Launching from their appearance on Akademi Nasyid Laungan Cinta (Love Cry), their first single, charted in the Malaysian Top 30 and was also nominated for Best Video at the last VIMA Malaysia Awards ceremony in 2013. They began strong and reached the final 20 shortlist of contestants in 2015’s Awakening global music competition too.
Voice of Men, with their lo-fi harmonies, sparing use of guitar accompaniment and simple, friendly, and charm reminds me of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. In these days of brasher, more super-charged, side of K-pop and J-pop or the grotesque hyperbole surrounding the likes of Kayne West and Taylor Swift, Voice of Men offer a refreshing change!
Miami based music-portal currently lists their 2014 single Women We Love (which featured Mandy Star). Mandy’s a young pop starlet who’s work is currently avialable through Reverb Nation who also hails from Kuala Lumpur.
Now, it might seem incongurous for Voice of Men, with their emphasis on lo-fi harmonies, to work with Mandy. Especially when Mandy is more known for her covers of popular artists such as Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars. But here’s another key strength of Voice of Men: versatility.
Their versatility is amply demonstrated in their most recent single: This Is My War.
This Is My War is a raucous hi-energy track which echoes the Baroque and lush orchestrations of Rob Dougan far more than the anything from the cosy close harmonies that remind us of the 1950’s.
This command of various styles demonstrates an enviable ability of this group to turn their hands to reach broader musical appeal and genres. Their production company supplies jingles and music for animated features. Anyone in need of talent supported by framework of energy and a solid work ethic should certainly explore the work of Voice of Men!

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