Voice of Men – Women We Love (feat. Mandy Star) Lyrics


Women We Love (feat. Mandy Star) Lyrics

Song by: Fathul Voice of Men
Lyrics by: Lutfi Voice of Men & Mandy Star

Artists: Voice of Men & Mandy Star

Album: This Is My War featuring Ameen Misran

Published: 2014

Verse 1:

Shining bright,

Brightening through all day and night,

Hold our hands keeping us stand,

They are the flowers adorning our lives.


Verse 2:

Every once in a while I reminisce back in time,

Always there you chase away cloudy days and nightmares.


Verse 3:

Everyone from our mothers, our wives, our sisters, just to name a few,

They are deep in our heart and won’t ever be apart.



Women we love,

The infinite love,

Never-ending love,

Till the end of our lives,

Gonna love you, and miss you, and hug you,

It’ll goes on and on.


Women we love,

We are so loved for every breath,

And I’ll take you in my arms.


Rap (Mandy Star):

You change my world in ways that stay,

Written in my heart are words you said,

When it was cold and I was lost you came to me and gave me love,

I look at you and see myself,

The light you spread is always there,

So I can find my way back home keeping me away from any storm.


Cloudy days are washed away,

Your give me strength to find the way,

Look at me inside my heart,

Even if distance tears us apart,

You always be here by my side,

Your life will always be my guide,

My memories inside my soul,

For the women that we love.


Verse 4:

No offense,

To all fathers and friends,

You too always keep us stand,

Only this song for you it’s not meant.


Verse 5:

Every steps in my life, I, sometimes fall,

feeling down,

Always there you took my hands,

Hold me up make me stand.


Verse 6:

Everyone from our aunts, our grandmas, our daughters,

Naming another few,

They are deep in our hearts and won’t ever be apart.




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